Do You Need To See A General Dentist? Here Are 4 Signs To Look Out For

Oral health is something that many people take for granted today. It is only after a serious issue arises that they will consider general dentistry. However, dental problems can worsen if ignored. For that reason, you need to visit a reliable dental clinic if you are exhibiting any of the following signs. 1. Bleeding Gums A single drop of blood when flossing or brushing your teeth might seem like no cause for alarm. Read More 

3 Tips For Anyone New To Wearing Braces

If you have decided to get braces, you're in for quite an adjustment period as you get used to having metal brackets on your teeth. This adjustment is not something that will happen overnight, but these tips will help you do it. Step Up Your Teeth Brushing Routine Your entire oral health routine is going to change while you are wearing braces. It is going to take longer, and you are going to have to take more care to make sure that all the spaces around your brackets are clean. Read More 

Are You A Good Candidate For Implant-Supported Dentures?

If you need to have most of your teeth extracted, or you are already missing most of your teeth, you may be weighing all of the restorative options. One option you may want to consider is implant-supported dentures. Since individual implants can cost thousands of dollars, implant-supported dentures may be ideal for some people since only a few implant posts are required to support an entire denture prosthesis. Here are a few questions to ask yourself to see if you're a good candidate for implant-supported dentures. Read More 

Effective Treatment Options For Periodontal Disease

Have you noticed lately that your gums appear red and swollen? Maybe your gums bleed easily when you brush your teeth, or you have bad breath. Any of these signs point to an oral health issue called periodontal disease. Also known as gum disease, or periodontitis, this condition is fairly common. In fact, according to the CDC, nearly half of adults over the age of 30 in the United States, have some form of periodontal disease. Read More 

4 Helpful Aftercare Tips To Follow After Dental Implant Treatment

The perfect tooth replacement option often revolves around dental implant treatment. Many people prefer the treatment due to its wide range of benefits, including durability and its resemblance to natural teeth. Now that you have possibly decided to go for tooth implants, you must wonder what happens after the surgery. As part of the preparation process, you might want to arm yourself with aftercare tips for dental implant surgery. Here are some ways in which you can make the recovery period more manageable. Read More