Dealing With Multiple Dental Issues? Full Arch Rehabilitation Can Help

If you're dealing with single-issue dental problems, your dentist can take care of the repairs in one office visit. But, if you're dealing with multiple dental issues, the repairs might be more complex. That's where full arch rehabilitation comes into the picture. Full arch rehabilitation is called for when you need more than one type of treatment to repair the damage. If you're not sure that full arch rehabilitation is right for you, read the list provided below. Read More 

How To Temporarily Reattach Your Dental Crowns

While dental crowns are designed to remain in place for many years, it is possible for your crown to come off or be knocked loose as a result of an impact. If this happens, you could find yourself dealing with a serious toothache as the underlying tooth is exposed to air and food particles. Thankfully, it is possible for you to temporarily reattach your crown until you are able to get an appointment with your dentist so that the problem can be addressed on a more permanent basis. Read More 

Benefits Of Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment may be necessary when your tooth's pulp gets infected. The procedure entails eliminating the decayed pulp, disinfecting the infected area, adding filling to the tooth, and sealing it. Finally, your dentist may place an artificial tooth like a dental crown on the treated tooth to prevent further damage. Here are the pros of a root canal.  Eases Toothache and Sensitivity Infection of the tooth pulp may cause tooth sensitivity and severe tooth pain. Read More 

Care Tips While Receiving Braces Treatment

If you are seriously thinking about getting braces, you might want to know as much as you can in order to determine how best to take care of them. The most important thing when it comes to having braces is making sure that you are taking care of them and yourself so you do not experience too many problems. Here are some crucial care tips that you will want to keep in mind. Read More 

When To Have Children See A Pediatric Dental Specialist

There are a lot of different dentist types that exist today. One of the more important types for children, in particular, is a pediatric dental specialist, which you'll want your child to see in the following circumstances. Tooth Defect  It's actually pretty common for children to have tooth defects. Maybe it's the shape of a single tooth or the way multiple teeth are growing in. If your child is experiencing any of these issues, then you need to take them to a pediatric dental specialist as soon as possible. Read More